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We are a world-class biotechnology company, made up of more than 270 employees whose highly qualified professional profiles make up the company's greatest asset. Specific technical training, networking, quality and safety at work are the central axes to achieve the success of our human team.

Excellence in our production processes allows us to be a company that manufactures products with the highest quality standards globally, allowing the professional development of our employees to demonstrate their full potential.

In Sinergium there are job opportunities for people in different stages of their professional development. Within our work team, we generate first employment experiences for university interns as well as for students form technical secondary schools in the area of influence; we promote partnerships between universities and public organizations to drive innovation and development within our country. At the same time, we expand our values by generating social and environmental awareness not only inside the company, but also with actions for the community.

Our Human Resources policies and our Benefits Proposal have allowed us to be and remain among the 30 best companies to work in the country (companies with between 200 - 100 employees) according to the best market rankings, such as Revista Apertura in 2018.

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